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I have read Adichie's response to Akwaeke and all I could see is civility even in the face of displeasure.

Her choice of words attempted to suggest outrage and anger but Adichie couldn't very well sustain anger in the piece.

She was just disappointed. Disappointment is the aftermath of expectations. Expectations are only normal. We don't even know when we are expecting something from people until we begin to search for that which we feel/know that we deserve.

What Adichie deserved was respect. Especially knowing that she isn't big on friendships but she let you in and the evil spirit inside you started triggering you from the get go.

First time you took a photo of her Lagos home and posted online. She found out, forgave you and asked you yank it off the internet.

Second time you publicized a privileged information she shared with you.

Third time you organize a mob to attack her because she said that Trans women aburo what you want them to be.

Her own opinion. Her own understanding. Her own stance. But because it negates yours you call her names. You go as low as calling her a murderer.

Adichie was blinded by many things. She is very passionate about feminism and she gravitates towards people who subscribe to that school of thought.

Akwaeke wasn't only a feminist. According to Adichie she was a bright young Nigerian feminist.

I'm happy she has discovered that Akwaeke isn't exactly bright. It could take forever but if you are not what you pretend to be, your cover will be blown.

It took Adichie almost a decade to see the darkness that was behind that initial "brightness" that she saw. It was a smoke screen all the while.

Why will you tell a grieving woman that her parents death was a punishment for having a different opinion about what rocks your boat??

Thats top tier bile. That is envy, hate, animosity. It is many things but kind.

I hope Akwaeke experiences betrayal. I hope she gets a little bit of what she gave Adichie.

I hope karma doesn't overlook this.

It is obscene!


Mark Anthony Obumneme Osuchukwu

June 16 2021